Gemnote's Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

It's only a few days until Father's Day (It's already this Sunday!) and we see our friends scrambling to find the best gifts to honor their dads this holiday. If you are one of the many who still is left unsure of what to get him, we are here to help! We know that every dad is different so it's important that you gift your dad a personalized and well thought-out gift only fit specifically to him. We've searched through many of our vendors-- quality artisans and craftsmen-- to find those perfect items that your dad has been dying for.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give another person: He believed in me.
— Unknown


1. (For The Working & Stylish Dad) Venque Milano Brief Color: Grey $135

2. (For The Dad Who Always needs to Be Up to Date on The Best in Tech) Amazon Echo; Control Smart Home Devices, Stream Wifi Music, Dual Speakers, "Hello Alexa..." $80

3. (For The Dad Always in the Air) Incase Novi 22 Hardshell Luggage Color: Black $250

4. (For The Dad Who Always Asks Where His Keys Are) Tile Pro Series - Sport; Bluetooth Tracker & Waterproof $25

5. (For The Dad Who Thinks He Has The Best Taste in Music) Marshall Kilburn; Portable Active Stereo, Battery life of 20 Hours $200

6. (For The Dad Who Likes Classy Looking Drinks) Areaware Drink Rocks - Made with Soapstone and Marble; Chilled Rocks Made to Put in your Evening Cocktails $35

7. (For The Dad Who Needs it "Stirred not Shaken") W&P Design Stirred Cocktail Set Components: Bar Spoon, Julep Strainer, Mixing Glass, Large Ice Cube Tray $70

8. (For The Dad Who Always is Running Out of Battery) Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch; Weighted Charging Sock with Rotating Arm $60 Colors: Grey, White Marble, Black Marble